January 2005: South Africa, where I re-lived the story of apartheid, its brutality, violence and depravity- On Robben Island as well as in the Apartheid museum in Johannesburg, I came fact to face with the power of apartheid. I was overwhelmed by the sense of the depth to which human beings can go to control, exploit, humiliate and subjugate others in the name of power. And yet, also discovered the hope which the stories and lives of people like Mandela, Robert Subukwe, Patrick Matanjane and Michael Lapsely point to. Genuine hope, born of born of reconciliation, forgiveness and healing – in being a ‘wounded healer’
And then, a beautiful day at Cape Point: the south-most tip of Africa; where the Indian ocean and the Atlantic meet; East meets West; a vision of reconciliation: not just a journey, but also the meeting place, the intersection of many journeys: sin and grace; violence and peace; past and present and future; justice and forgiveness…
After a 3 day meeting of the Annual International Academic advisory Council at St. Augustine’s College of South Africa, I travel back to Durham, ready to embark on the vision of the center, and to other journeys together with Chris…





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