Below you will find Father Emmanuel’s various appearances in the media. Father Emmanuel enjoys sharing insights from his studies as well as updates about the various organizations he is a part of so do not hesitate to reach out. Explore below to see his recent appearances. 

See a recent review of Father Emmanuel’s new book, Who Are My People? The reviewer, , writes, “This is a book that must be read by all that care about Africa.”

In January 2021, Father Emmanuel participated in four videos surrounding nonviolence. They can be viewed below.

In October 2020, Father Emmanuel wrote an article for the Keough School of Global Affairs series, “Dignity and Development.” He writes about the COVID-19 pandemic as a Kairos moment and discusses how we go forward.

A Kellogg Institute International Scholar, Elsa Barron, interviewed Father Emmanuel regarding faith-based approaches to ecology, the economy, and education. 

Father Emmanuel appeared on the Signs of the Times Podcast, hosted at the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame, discussing our ecological crisis and the work that BLI does to respond to this crisis.

Father Emmanuel was quoted in an article in the National Catholic Reporter in October 2020 about nonviolence.

In June 2020, Father Emmanuel spoke with Jake Meador about African politics, Christian nonviolence, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we can reimagine our world during this crisis.

In 2019, Father Emmanuel had the honor of giving the 24th Annual Holmer Lecture. The lecture was co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota Department of African American and Africa Studies and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

In 2016, Father Emmanuel was interviewed by The Global Church Project’s Graham Hill.

In an interview with Eerdmans Publishing, Father Emmanuel discusses his new book, Born From Lament: The Theology and Politics of Hope in Africa. He discusses how there is no more urgent theological task than to provide an account of hope in Africa.

In 2017, Father Emmanuel talked with Tyler-Wigg Stevenson for The Table podcast, a podcast produced at the Biola University Center fro Christian Thought.