A vision of the center emerging out of these journeys, and many other journeys (together with Chris) to places of pain and hope: to Mississippi– the home that shaped Chris: 17 years at voice of Calvary: An opportunity to relive the story of race in America– and to see the challenges of reconciliation; to Sandtown in Baltimore to discover hope (New Song) amidst inner city brokenness and hope; to (EMU) Eastern Menonite University in Virginia, to learn from their Conflict Transformation program; to Coventry (UK), to form a Global Reconciliation Network; to Chicago, for speaking engagements at a local church at De Paul University (lecturing to political science majors on Thomas Sankara and ‘re-inventing the future in Africa’), to New York….

On these and many other journeys Chris and I had lots of conversations about shared convictions; we read together and discussed seminal texts; we cast visions and goals of reconciliation; we explored the landscape of Peace Studies; learnt many lessons from the places and people we visited as we put forth dreams and plans for the center at Duke.



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