It is taking me much longer to share about my time in East Africa, especially about the recently concluded 4th Gathering of the Great Lakes Region. As soon as I got back to Duke I got sucked into the immediacy of Duke’s world of teaching, meetings plus all sorts of the usual cultural adjustments. To be sure, I am also still sorting through and processing the full impact and many gifts of the time in Burundi. So, bear with me as I work on the full report and pictorial update.

Some of the over 110 Christian leaders drawn from across different denominations and countries in the East Africa region and beyond…


… 3 days of eating and worshipping together, conversations and learning together…



…around the topic of Politics, Leadership and the Christian calling, using the book of Esther as guide, under the banner “For Such Time as This…


…and making a pilgrimage to Ruyigi  to learn from Maggy Barankitse and her Maison Shalom community of hope.




Please watch this space for more updates.  In the meantime, see the blog entry from Paul and Rebecca Mosley, MCC country reps in Burundi.

Also follow my colleague, Chris Rice’s blog re: voices from the Gathering.


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