I think that stories are powerful ways of telling the truth about our experiences.  Several folks around the web have told how their stories have been shaped through encountering the message of my most recent book ‘Mirror to the Church.’  I will continue to post them in the hope that this site can be a resource for directing us to examine more closely the stories by which we live our lives and to question what kind of the hold the Christian story has over us.  You will also find others at the site’s page “Stories from the Journey.”

Most recently, Neil at Crumbs at the Feast wrote a post called “A Water that Runs Deeper than Blood.”  In it he shares these humbling words: “I live in the USA. I’ve never been to any part of Africa, much less Rwanda, and don’t really imagine that it’s on my itinerary. Father Katongole, however, gave me a picture of what happened in the Rwandan genocide that does, indeed, seem to be a mirror for the church, at least here in the USA. I recognize myself in that reflection.”

I will try to post new stories when they are shared.  Thank you to those who have personally written me about what my work has meant to them; it encourages me greatly in my work!



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