As soon as the classes were out, Chris and I moved on full speed to work on the book series on reconciliation, and to write the lead title in this series, as well as develop some other programs of the Center. Both Chris and I are particularly excited about the Great Lakes Leadership Training Institute Program, through which the Center, in partnership with other key organizations working in the region, will host yearly institutes on the region to train, nurture, and support leaders through a biblically based informed vision of reconciliation. We hope to launch this initiative with a catalytic of key leaders, to be held in Kampala in November.

As I look back to the year that has been, its activities and journeys, it is now very clear that even though Duke might seem to be a long way from Africa, in a strange way, my being at Duke seems to bind me to Africa in far deeper and more enduring ways than I had anticipated. A clear confirmation, at least for me, that all journeys lead back to Africa.


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