Greetings from South Bend! Father Emmanuel has returned to the United States and is finishing up the semester teaching at the University of Notre Dame. He has also been busy with various webinars, discussing his books and ideas with colleagues from across the world. Please see below for updates and links to his work as well as some new photos from Bethany Land Institute!

Father Emmanuel sat down with Dr. Kyama Mugambi from the African Theological Press Network (ATPN) to launch the African publication of The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa. Thanks to ARPN, Sacrifice of Africa is now available in Africa at a moderate cost (order at ATPN). Watch below to get a sneak peek at the ideas presented in the book and hear him discuss the assumptions and stories often associated with Africa today.

He was also part of Pastor Scott Belvins of (Garfield Memorial Church) 24 Billion Stories, where he was featured in a 3-part video series, discussing Mirror to the Church. Watch here: 

Father Emmanuel participated in another webinar discussing Mirror to the Church with Spring Church in Bellingham, Washington. It will be uploaded here within the next week. In it, Father Emmanuel and other participants discuss how lessons from Emmanuel’s book should be viewed and understood today in America, in light of historical and continued racial violence.

As for Bethany Land Institute, much progress continues to be made! The caretakers have gotten situated on campus and began their classes. Additionally, buildings and land plots continue to be modified and constructed as we expand our campus, allowing it to reach its full potential. It has been incredible to see years of work come to fruition in these past few months. We remain closely aligned with the Kasana Luwero Diocese, with 14 of their seminarians currently residing at BLI and participating in the caretaker formation program. The Bishop of the Diocese, Paul Ssemogerere, visited BLI recently, and encouraged the staff, the seminarians, and the other caretakers to remain focused as they respond to Pope Francis’ call to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.  


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