March 12, 2016.

It has been a while since we posted anything here. Not because there has been nothing to share. On the contrary, we have been experiencing an overabundance of gifts, happenings and events such that there has been little time to process the “too much”. Now, thanks to a dedicated and persistent research assistant, Fr Emmanuel is able to share some developments on the Bethany Land Institute . Three highlights over the last six months have brought much needed momentum to The Bethany Land Institute initiative as we prepare for take off:

Highlight One:

The gift of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si

Laudato Si

Laudato Si

which provides the much needed and fresh pastoral/theological vision on care for our human home. See Fr Emmanuel’s reflection on the urgency of the ecological challenge in Africa, which reflects on Laudato Si and also casts a vision for the BLI, see ROOTING GOD’S MISSION IN THE AFRICAN SOIL .

Highlight Two:

Seed funding from two organizations allowed us to clear any remaining huddles on the land and to have the 78 acres of the future campus of the BLI surveyed and fenced off.

Fr Katongole planting a tree

Fr Katongole planting a tree at BLI


Cornelius planting a tree at BLI

Cornelius planting a tree at BLI


Highlight Three:

BLI successfully incorporated in Uganda (August); held first board meeting (Jan)

First BLI Board Meeting

First BLI Board Meeting


and board site visit….

Board site visit

Board site visit

Some pictures of board meeting and of site visit.

I can honestly say, “I do not know what God is doing, but am glad to be part of it.”

Watch this space for more updates.


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